That terrible night

William left his home a long before dawn. He was heading for another city on some business purpose. That city was situated at a quite distance. William was scheduled to reach there at 1.30am. William had a plan to take dinner in his midway.

He was driving his car by himself. It was quite a long driving that had put a good exertion upon the young man.

It was afternoon at around 4.00pm. In that region the night reaches earlier. As the time was passing, the darkness was gradually looming large on the head. William could sense that night wasn’t very far. Hence Willam got frightened and increased driving speed. At half past five pm.the murky evening had indeed touched the earth’s soil….. Suddenly a shivering cold wave had started blowing.

William could guess that some disaster was waiting to hit his journey. The wind was getting stronger and a blizzard started with a pattering sound on the car. William got shaky to drive at super fast speed. Within one blink a devastating snow storm started and a thick layer of ice covered the road in such a way that the car was about to overturn. Hence forth, William had started losing control over the car. Suddenly the car screeched to a halt. William finding no way other started looking for a shelter.

The place was so solitary that there was no building. When the young man started feeling helpless an abandoned castle was found. William had heaved a peaceful sigh to get in there along with his belonging. Surprisingly the building didn’t have any door pane or window pane.

However William sitting relaxingly on a window slab started watching beauty of the blizzard. In the meantime William started feeling hungry. He got up to look for any eatery inside the castle but he could find nothing rather two young ladies sobbing in a corner.

Now William searched for a restaurant nearby on line. Yes he found an hotel where he ordered for a chicken pizza.

After some time the man got outside the castle waiting for the home delivery to come. As soon as the young fellow had got out, every door and window had got decorated with their panes closed from inside. Just that moment a mobile call informed William that order delivery was heading towards the castle. William had got restless to bang on the closed door. No sooner than it the door got opened and the ladies previously mentioned, handed over the pizza delivery to William from inside the castle . The gentleman had opened the pack just to see that there was nothing but the amputed head of William into the box. William had run towards his car but those two delivery ladies had driven the car away. Next morning the ice cutting scavengers found the ice covered dead body of William on the road.

Sewing stitch

Friendship is like a sewing stitch

Creating a sickle while within reach….

Two frays of different threads

Tack clothes easily by their heads.

Bobin’s thread once pulled by needle

Easily surrenders that turban wheel.

Friend should be such loyal to other.

Just to grow faith as reliable either

Constant closure between the two

Makes strong relation even love too.